Upswing is a Certified B Corp!

Peter Polanowski

Published April 12, 2023
in News

By Peter Polanowski

We’re excited to share that we are now a Certified B Corporation, joining over 6,000 leading companies in more than 80 countries across 150 industries – that are committed to creating positive impacts for people, communities and the planet all over the world!

Since 2017, Upswing Solutions has helped businesses thrive in the clean economy, bringing our decades of experience leading sustainability and ESG inside companies in Canada, the UK and Australia.

“Every day we advise our clients on how to improve the impact they have on our environment and our communities. It’s important to our team at Upswing that our business also reflects the values that drive our work every day. We’re thrilled to be part of the B Corp community of business as a force for good in the world!”

- Allison Murray, CEO & Founder, Upswing Solutions

What is a B Corp Certification?

B Corps are for-profit, purpose driven companies that are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy. Certified B Corps also meet B Lab’s highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability and aspire to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

B Lab is a non-profit that certifies B Corporations. To become certified, a company must meet, and continue to uphold the highest standards for transparency, accountability, and social and environmental performance.

Why B Corp Matters

Certified B Corps want to be part of something bigger than themselves. They are contributing to a global movement in redefining the way companies do business. Becoming a B Corp makes business sense – the certification helps companies differentiate from pretenders, generate press, benchmark performance, save money and access services, attract investors, partner with peers, and attract and engage top talent.

We’re thrilled to be part of the B Corp community of leading businesses that are working collaboratively to address society’s most pressing challenges, while contributing to a more inclusive and regenerative economy that works for all people, including our team and clients.