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We help you understand how sustainability and equity, can contribute to your success through bottom-line growth, access to capital, recruitment, retention and more. We work with your sales teams, your marketing teams, and your executive suite to help you leverage your efforts and integrate your language in ways that resonate with your customers.

Why this matters

Effective ESG is an enabler of your business success.

For example, over the next two years Canadian banks and financial institutions will be expected to comply with new federal guidelines on climate-related risks, which will affect the decisions they make about who to lend to and how they allocate capital. Smart businesses will be taking steps to make sure their sustainability approach positions them for ongoing investment and growth. And accessing capital is just part of the picture. Effective ESG is also a driver of talent recruitment, team engagement and community partnerships.

Chief Sustainability Officers aren’t just compliance officers. They are building the future of your company.

As Canada and the world move to a net-zero, sustainable economic model, businesses need to reorient their strategies and operations to meet emerging expectations and seize new opportunities.

How we help

Value Opportunity

  • Discover how to integrate ESG into your growth and sale strategies - and make it part of team culture and business operations 
  • Differentiate the signal from the noise - and learn where you need to focus, reducing risk while increasing opportunity and business resilience 
  • Understand how to build a sustainable, equitable supply-chain for the long-term, and where to start
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