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Green Team Review

Our team can lead a quick, take-no-prisoners assessment of your current sustainability approach, helping reveal hidden risks and uncover any greenwashing exposure.

Why this matters

Fake it and you’ll break it.

Regulators such as competition bureaus are increasingly focused on corporate greenwashing, cracking down on companies whose sustainability claims don’t stack up. False and unverifiable claims will be challenged and can lead to fines and other penalties.

Fresh eyes, fresh perspectives.

Engaging someone from outside your company to stress-test your claims and approach can help reveal gaps and risks that may be hidden by either a lack of appreciation or vested interests inside your company.

How we help

Value Opportunity

  • Gain frank and fast insights from trusted external partners who bring deep in-house experience 
  • Uncover hidden sustainability gaps and risks
  • Weed out your exposure to greenwashing
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Rahul Chandran

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Michelle Albanese

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