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Supply-Chain Strategies

We help you analyze your supply chain to understand what is happening and what you need to do. We equip your team with knowledge and strategies to decrease your environmental footprint and ensure that human rights are respected.

Why this matters

Increasingly, you will be legally required to disclose information about your supply chain and take collaborative action to address social and environmental issues.

In Canada, recently passed federal legislation requires companies and government departments to disclose the steps they are taking to tackle forced and child labour. In Europe, the EU is increasing the scope and strength of mandatory ESG disclosures, including how companies are addressing human rights issues in their supply chains.

Investors and consumers demand supply chain transparency too.

ESG-focused investors and consumers want to have confidence in your pathways to sustainability and equity in your supply-chain.

Sustainability depends on partnerships.

Understanding your supply chain is more than a regulatory requirement. It’s also a way to drive shared sustainability action while unlocking competitive advantage. Know Your Supplier systems are becoming an established best practice for optimizing B2B transactions

How we help

Value Opportunity

  • Map your value chain
  • Understand and meet your compliance and due diligence obligations
  • Grow strong and collaborative relationships with partners based on shared interests and effective incentives
  • Analyze and assess different sourcing and cost-sharing models
  • Create effective policies, standards and practices for your team
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