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Reporting & Disclosure

We help you know what you need to disclose and how to do it in ways that build trust with your customers, investors, team and stakeholders quarter by quarter, year by year.

Why this matters

Disclosure is not optional.

The days of thinking about ESG and sustainability reports as a nice-to-do are over. If your company isn’t already required to disclose information about your GHG, environmental and social impacts, it will be soon. And, compliance aside, your customers, team members, investors and stakeholders expect to know where you stand and what you’re doing to address shared challenges.

But it’s also a great opportunity to demonstrate your commitment and build trust.

Done right, ESG and sustainability disclosure is about much more than compliance. It’s about providing assurance that you’re on top of risks and opportunities. It’s about showcasing your company’s values and strategy in action. And it’s about continuing to build trust with customers and others who align with your vision and approach.

How we help

Value Opportunity

  • Understand and demonstrate alignment with international reporting guidelines and standards including TCFD, GRI, SASB and CDP 
  • Attract investment and favourable scores from ratings agencies 
  • Show how you’re listening to and working with your supplier partners and other stakeholders, addressing shared challenges and opportunities 
  • Combine impactful storytelling with rigorous data and analysis, demonstrating your progress
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