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Impact Strategies

Our experts in GHG emissions, carbon accounting, life-cycle & materiality assessments and social impact analysis help you to know what you emit, how you work with communities, and how that matters for your business. We build your net-zero strategies, and find ways to integrate procurement, CSR, and impact work together to maximize value.

Why this matters

You need to know your impacts.

Whether it’s GHG emissions, carbon accounting, plastics reduction, or human rights issues in your value chain, it is critical for you to understand your company’s impacts today and how you need to manage them to meet your compliance obligations, access capital and seize growth opportunities.

Understanding your footprint is the start of your sustainable growth journey.

Once you know where your company stands, you can take concrete steps to manage your impacts effectively. And as the pace of compliance requirements and ESG-driven innovation accelerates, the best time to invest in clarity and action is always now, even if the journey isn’t perfect.

How we help

Value Opportunity

  • Get hard data and analysis on your GHG emissions and other impacts 
  • Conduct rigorous materiality assessments to identify sustainability priorities for your company, while building trust with your stakeholders
  • Make informed decisions about how to manage and improve your impacts, including charting a course to net-zero and addressing supply-chain risks
  • Integrate corporate social responsibility into your broader sustainability strategy to increase its value for your company
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