Why being a B Corp matters, a Q&A with Ocean Sonics

Allison Murray

Published September 11, 2018
in Case Studies

By Allison Murray

Company: Ocean Sonics
Location: Truro, Nova Scotia
Industry: Marine acoustics
Size: Small (approx 10 employees)

“Vendors and customers are asking questions about B Corp, and maybe pushing themselves to do better.” – Desiree Stockermans, Operations Manager, Ocean Sonics

Q: What is Ocean Sonics’ purpose and where did it come from?

A: Our purpose is to develop a better way to measure, collect and understand sound data from the ocean that is easily accessible to people. You do not need to be an acoustician or someone with a PhD. Anyone can learn to use our equipment and be successful! We wanted to give people access to useable information in real time in order to help them make decisions.

Q: Why did Ocean Sonics decide to go for B Corp certification?

A: We were seen by many biologists as just another manufacturer or industrialist who are just out there to make a profit, no matter what. We wanted to let them know that we are a company that cares about people and the planet while making a profit.

We wanted to be different from our competitors, to use the certification as a competitive advantage. We also wanted to attract like minded people to work at Ocean Sonics.

Q: Since you’ve become a B Corp, what benefits are you seeing?

A: It has help us with recruitment, by attracting people who want to work for a company that cares. Vendors and customers are asking questions about B Corp, and maybe pushing themselves to do better.

Q: Were there any challenges with the certification process?

A: There was a lot of information that was required and some drilling down into customer data bases. We hired a B Corp consultant to help us achieve our B Corp certification.

Overall, we did not have to change lot of what we do because we as a company were already very aware about making things better for people and the planet.

Q: Would you recommend B Corp certification to other businesses?

A: Of course! As people (consumers) become more aware of the problems we are all creating on this planet, some will be seeking opportunities to support companies that do good!

What is B Corp Certification?

B Corps are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Their certification means they benefit of all their stakeholders, not only their shareholders. There are over 2500 B Corps globally, ranging from Patagonia and Danone North America to Carshare Atlantic and T4G in Nova Scotia. Find out more at https://bcorporation.net