Until recently, consumer and post-consumer organic waste has received the lion’s share of attention in the war on food waste. However, research suggests that as much as 85% of the 35.5 million metric tonnes of food waste generated happens in the pre-consumer supply chain.¹ In the wake of COVID-19 related food supply chain disruptions, rising food insecurity, and the global climate crisis, there is an increased urgency to find sustainable solutions to food waste in the value chain. 

Join us for a stimulating discussion on circular food business in a linear world with panelists from Sobeys (one of Canada’s largest grocery retailers), Outcast Foods (a Canadian food technology company that upcycles cast-off produce into nutritious supplements and powders) and Smallfood (a Canadian startup that’s on a quest to make the perfect protein from microbial ingredients—recently named as a semi-finalist in the prestigious XPRIZE Award). 


  • Eli Browne, Director of Corporate Sustainability, Sobeys
  • Dr. Darren Burke, Founder & CEO, Outcast Foods
  • Marc St-Onge, Founder & CEO, Smallfood Inc.

This World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) side event will showcase how Canadian enterprises are leveraging circular economy business models and supply chains to produce alternative proteins, revalorise food waste and drive sustainable food system innovation. The panel will be moderated by Dawne Skinner, Research Fellow at New Harvest, Fellow at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Consultant at Upswing Solutions.

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