Company: T4G Limited
Locations: Halifax, Moncton, Saint John, Toronto and Vancouver
Industry: Data Analytics, Digital Marketing and Custom Software
Size: Large (>100 employees)

“We believe, naively or not, that we can change the world.”

– Geoff Flood
President, T4G

T4G's purpose

Changing the world, one project at a time.

Focusing on 'how'

T4G is able to attract and retain the best talent because of their purpose. On the outside, T4G looks similar to other technology consulting companies: they use technology and data to help their customers run their businesses better. But on the inside things are different, and that’s where their purpose really shows up.

T4G puts a lot of focus on the ‘how.’ It’s about how their teams work together to build world-changing solutions. They make decisions based on the company’s strong set of values – from the way they hire, motivate and keep talent, to how they work with their customers, to how they build the capabilities of the communities that they work in.

Starting with values

T4G began crafting their values-based culture about 15 years ago, led by founder and President Geoff Flood, when they won a high-profile charity fundraising competition. The sense of teamwork and motivation that came from doing good, and the potential to engage their customers, kicked off a sense of purpose that has grown and evolved into the values-led business that T4G is today.

Once they formally crafted the company’s set of values, a team member was assigned to lead each individual value, define it, and plan how it would be rolled out across the company. These values are built in to T4G’s hiring and performance management systems, including a charter that sets out how each employees’ work contributes to their own success, to their team and to T4G as a whole. Employees are offered a range of flexible work benefits and incentives tailored to their personal circumstances and are supported with time off to volunteer in their community. This approach has led to T4G appearing on Canada’s Great Places to Work list for the past 11 years.

T4G’s Values

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptive
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Value Conscious
  • Social Responsibility


Keeping employees and customers

According to T4G Executive Vice President Mark Fraser, being purpose-led has become critical when competing for talent: “If we can differentiate ourselves beyond ‘We’re really smart people doing really cool things’ and we can show that we’re on the Great Places To Work list, and because of the things that we do to help our communities, then we can attract people that want a meaningful career.”

This approach is important for keeping employees longer, which shows up in the company’s low turnover rate. T4G is able to retain and grow knowledge within their business, which in turn helps them to know their clients better by maintaining employee-customer relationships over the long term.

Best in the World

In 2018 T4G became a certified B Corp – this means they are a for-profit business that exists for the benefit of all their stakeholders, not only their shareholders. They joined a growing group of businesses, over 2500 globally, ranging from Patagonia and Danone North America to Carshare Atlantic and CUA in Nova Scotia. According to Fraser, this was the logical next step for the company after over a decade of being on the Great Places to Work list and being active contributors to their local community.

He says that becoming a B Corp was important for T4G because they wanted to achieve a certification that has a more global view of the company’s impact on not just people and profit, but also the planet.

In July 2018 T4G was recognized as Best for the World for Workers, putting them in the top 10 percent of B Corps worldwide. But they’re not resting just yet: one of T4G’s five business priorities this year is to improve their B Impact Assessment score, particularly how they can improve the company’s environmental footprint.

How does a company become a B Corp?

  1. Take the B Impact Assessment, which assesses the overall impact of your company on its stakeholders.
  2. Meet the legal requirement to consider the interests of all stakeholders, not just shareholders, when making decisions.
  3. Sign the B Corp Declaration of Interdependence and Term Sheet.

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