Join us in Halifax on Nov. 26th as we launch our new report ‘The Purpose Advantage: How purpose-led businesses are growing and thriving in Atlantic Canada.’

Atlantic Canada is home to an increasing number of purpose-led businesses. These are for-profit companies that have clearly defined the purpose of their business beyond making profit. Their products and operations are improving the well-being of their customers, their employees, their communities and our environment.

These companies are thriving in Atlantic Canada because of their purpose, giving them a competitive advantage within the region, across Canada and internationally.

Our report is based on interviews with over a dozen CEOs of purpose-led businesses across the region, including T4G, Spring Loaded Technologies, TruLeaf, DGI Clinical, SomaDetect, Upstreet Craft Brewing, Bonavista Living and more. We heard about what motivated the CEOs to define a clear purpose for their company and how it is central to their business strategy.

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