Launching Five Minute Insights

Allison Murray

Published January 13, 2021
in 5 minute insights

By Allison Murray

We’re delighted to bring you Five Minute Insights—our free practical guides designed to help you understand key sustainability topics and trends that are good for your business.

In our first guide, we’re looking at the circular economy, its benefits and how you can make circularity work for your company.

More and more, businesses are being called upon to use resources sustainably and reduce environmental impacts—all while continuing to deliver value, maximize returns and minimize costs.

To meet these challenges, you need a new path forward—one that loops to create sustainable and shared value. You need to be part of the circular economy.

In this Five Minute Insights—Growing in Circles, you’ll learn:

  • how the circular economy can benefit your business
  • what circular business model is right for you
  • how other Atlantic Canadian companies are applying circularity
  • many other helpful tips and resources