Earth Day 2020: Atlantic Canadian businesses building a better world

Allison Murray

Published April 21, 2020
in News

By Allison Murray

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we’re joining the many voices around the globe calling for a clean, green recovery from COVID-19. We’re shining a spotlight on clean economy business innovators from Atlantic Canada with solutions that can help us build a better world.

Ashored – tackling ocean plastics
Spurred by growing numbers of North Atlantic right whale deaths and the economic impact on local fishers, Ashored wanted to find a solution that would help fishers maintain their livelihood while protecting sea life and reducing ocean plastics. Their solution? Ropeless fishing. Read their story –> here.

Oberland Agriscience – sustainably produced protein
Oberland is tackling the challenge of food insecurity by turning organic waste into a nutritious insect feed for black soldier fly larvae, which provides a high-quality, sustainably produced protein food ingredient for the pet, aquaculture and agricultural industries. With the fast life cycle and low space requirements of the black soldier fly, the company can produce about a hundred thousand times more protein per hectare than corn or soy. Read their story –> here.

CarbonCure Technologies – reducing the carbon impact of concrete
CarbonCure is leading the charge globally in CO2 utilization technologies. Their proprietary technology chemically transforms carbon dioxide waste for use in concrete manufacturing processes. The CO2 is permanently stored, diverting emissions from the atmosphere while making a greener and stronger concrete. Read their story –> here.

Sustainable Blue – land-based aquaculture
Sustainable Blue, near the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, is a Canadian producer of sustainably raised fish using proprietary aquaculture technology to operate an earth-friendly land-based recirculation fish farming operation. They are committed to product quality, environmental responsibility, and commercial success through sustainable practices. Read their story –> here.

Stash Energy – energy storage for heat pumps
Stash is making the planet a better place and reducing CO2 emissions with their in-home heating system that combines heat pump technology with thermal energy storage, creating more efficient energy storage that saves people money. Read their story –> here.

Steele Auto Group – leading the way in electric vehicles
As part of their goal to provide value and choice to their customers, and in line with their values of integrity and innovation, Steele is working to take their place as a leader in electric vehicles in Atlantic Canada, as well as implementing environmental initiatives at several of its dealerships, including Colonial Honda which just this year was Canada’s first Platinum winner of Honda’s Green Dealer Awards. Read their story –> here.